How much do estimates cost?
Our estimates are free of charge.

Are you able to make house calls to write the estimate?
We can provide free on-site estimates for local residents.

Will my car ever be the same?
Yes. Your car will leave our auto body shop as it was prior to the collision repair.

What kinds of parts will be used on my collision repair?
We work with your insurance company to get the best parts available for all collision get the best parts available for all collision repairs. New parts are always preferred; however in some instances, used or aftermarket parts may be considered.

Will the paint color match?
Yes. We utilize a computerized color matching system. On cars with faded paint colors, we match and blend as close as possible for an accurate color match.

How long will my collision repair take to complete?
Auto collision repair times depend upon the size of the job. This will vary depending on part availability and the extent of damage to be repaired.

Do you offer loaner cars?
Yes we do provide free rental if you don’t have rental coverage on your insurance policy.

Can you waive my deductible?
No, your deductible is set by your insurance company. Please check with your insurance company for details.

What does your warranty cover?
Our warranty covers lifetime paint finish and our labor and craftsmanship. Parts warranties are set by each specific parts manufacturers and will vary.

When can I bring in my car for repairs?
Our auto body shop can accommodate any schedule during normal business hours.